The Questions We Ask

Old Ocean

Do all dreams come true?
What is the end that all things come to?
Where have we been?
What have we been through?
Are we to be trapped by sin?
Set free by truth?
Is ageing a seamless affair?
Are we chasing youth?

Our spark, wonder and wander
Are embroidered in the fabric of the
Questions we ask

We have journeyed together for many years


Photo by Brian Ibinson


4 thoughts on “The Questions We Ask

  1. Samuel Okopi

    I always ask these sort of questions. Wondering what the answers might be, is sometimes the spark that reveals for a moment in our wander, suprising things about ourselves.

    Nice one, Tomi.

  2. Indeed, I “lived” in these questions as I read especially as I just penned down a question: Is there a thing as good people or people who have conquered their demons?I could not help but imagine the place from which your questions arise. Truly, our spark, wonder and wander
    are embroidered in the fabrics of the questions we ask.

  3. “People who have conquered their demons” – perhaps this is what constitutes a good person. Perhaps so. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.

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