About you?


I started this paragraph
with you on my mind
as my muse
my tool
my obsession
your author
your fool,

the more I write,
the less (0r more) it is about you,
you become an element
in my periodically wandering
mind, mixing up with gases,
recreating a stressful recollection;
a streak of love, and lust
and compliments unrequited,
eulogies reduced to flattery,

love turned into lawful battery
because I gave you my beater
and you beat it to brokenness
till it was beat; exhausted…

It seems you are always
on my mind, mocking me
with the images of empty
vases where roses once lived.
chastising me
maybe it is always about you,
this poem, and or the next one
or maybe poetry is my true love.

perhaps you are a poem


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