A girl I Know

You remind me,
You remind me of a girl I know,
Her forehead ignites when she laughs,
It is shinier, as if to be infected
by the sun’s magical powers.
Her eyes squint, as she rolls
around, slapping every passer-by
trying to impart the funny into them.

She thinks squirrels and rats
are funny and fat, and butterflies
are funny when fast. she sees
the joke that life can be; how a
blind man can cross a street,
she laughs, and laughs, and laughs.

But at night, when she lays her head to sleep,
the devil takes her joy to keep
and his demons laugh her to weep,
while she wanes of counting sheep,
it’s deep
how far her pain pains through,
how wide her tears tear through,
it’s deep, it’s deep.

She laughs when the sun rises,
her forehead ignites again,
she laughs at all my jokes,
slapping passersby, saying;
“he’s funny, he’s funny!”
I amΒ all the joy she has,
and it hurts, but I laugh too,
my ego is aroused
but my conscience is molested.



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