How do you know she is a woman?

Her breasts?

Is her bosom her identity?

Is it not?

Can you walk in her shoes?

Does she wear heels?

Can she get pregnant?

Will her feet swell?

Does she know what a tampon is?

Is her beauty an object?

Is she subjected to it?

Is she objectified by it?

Does she get slated for

wearing too much make up?

Or for wearing none at all?

Did she have a facelift?

How did she wake up?

Like this? – 😊

Is her figure real?

Or she keeps Victoria’s secrets?

Must she be a feminist?

Might she not be?

How can she not be?

Is she a virgin?

Is her hair Virgin?

Has it been relaxed?

Is that a wig, or a weave-on?

Does she play team natural?

Is she all beauty?

Is she all brains?

Is she one without the other?

Is she both?

Is she neither?

Is she ready to be president?

Is her country ready for a female leader?

Is she too emotional?

Is she lady-like?

But she’s a lady right?

What is ‘lady-like’?

Can you all leave her alone?

Why so many questions

about her mind and form?

Remember that we are all

skeletons and organs.

Admire her if you will

but leave her alone

let her be human

she is a woman

but she is human



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19 thoughts on “Woman

  1. Rukyat Rabiu

    You are a genius, aren’t you?

    How did she wake up?
    Like this? – *the blushing face*

    This actually made me laugh.

    Nicely written Tomi πŸ™‚

  2. “She is a lady right? But is she ladylike”
    For some reason that line got me …
    But overall thank you.. Lol you just fed the feminist in me ..”leave her alone”

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