3 Bars Of Eight

I’m steady tryna figure what God’s will is/
What is grace, what is love, what a good will is/
I saw some strange men abduct my uncle at night/
He didn’t get taken without putting up a fight/
My mother spent the whole night mourning/
only for us to see him the next morning/
unscathed, unhurt, but my dad’s fuming/
There’s a beast in his eyes, he’s less human/

I thought the other day, maybe I should kill myself/
I felt lost and buried, I couldn’t be myself/
Regret is my demon, depression’s my disease/
And I’m past the times of writing for my release/
I saw someone I love do something I hate/
should I hug em? still love em? or leave em to fate/
One of my good friends is battling an addiction/
but all she does is make excuses for this predilection/

The earth is two roads, one’s to perdition/
the other’s the pearly gate, the spirit’s resurrection/
but i feel like I’m in purgatory/
unmoving, I am stationary/
Is the way even narrow for the preacher/
who doesn’t preach love, or for the teacher/
who doesn’t teach grace, and why Christ bled/
Who can answer the quizzings in my head.


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5 thoughts on “3 Bars Of Eight

  1. Judgement is God’s and not mine.
    I live up to my ideals and suggest to others, without judging them.
    Everybody has a will. I choose to do the good I can, teach the good I can and be as neutral as I can to determining who is condemned and who is justified.
    That’s the way I still the quizzing in my own head.

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