Our Eyes Are Watching

Conquerors and Korans
Conquests of pilgrim-
Ages of empires
Colonies and masters
Inglorious bastards

Apostles and Bibles
Vikings- burnt villages
Alliances and rivalries
Plunders and pillages
The crusades, two world wars

The moon landing, Michael Jackson
Nickelodeon, Kelly Clarkson
gods, gangs, American Idols
Family guy, futurama
Ferguson, Selma Alabama

Underage marriage, statutory rape
Instagram selfies, sex tapes
Politically correct perverts, virtual bullying
Disgraced comedians, philandering presidents
on-the-go pornography, Netflix

Isis, Russian-Ukrainian Crisis
Chicken pox, Small pox
Vox pops, pop songs

And on and on and on…



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