who I can tell that I’m struggling
to serve you?
Even though I accept you as saviour

My thoughts wander these days
How can i speak of doubting you,
when I have preached having faith in you?

Today, Mr preacher man, you said
“be grateful to God for life because some
people are sick and dying”
I don’t think it means God is killing (not protecting) them
but you implied it, you cried it;
you probably didn’t mean it that way
but to me, that’s the way it sounded.
Maybe I over-analyse things, I probably overthunk (sic) it

Please don’t cry blasphemy or apostasy
I can attest that I have felt Christ time and time over
but doubt creeps in sometimes.
How do talk about “we’re not perfect”
without sounding like a broken record?

Signs of a quarter-life crisis



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