“Anything that goes through the pain of coming out of a vagina deserves a name”            

Science defines the vagina as an elastic, muscular tube that connects the cervix of the uterus to the vulva and exterior of the body. It is located in the pelvic body cavity posterior to the urinary bladder and anterior to the rectum. How can something so small and simple be so big and complex? it is the passage of life and the destruction of men; ask Samson, ask Solomon.

So, if I decide to name my stillborn child albeit these dire circumstances, name him I shall. For my vagina’s sake, for its suffering, its stretching and retracting, for the pain it went through. Anything that goes through the pain of coming out of a vagina deserves a name, whether it is dead or alive. So I shall name my child Ojijiayomi which translates to shadow of my joy. This is my child, he came out of my vagina, he is dead but he is mine, he will always be mine. In the shadows of my fantasies and in the world to come!

For the bereaved and the stillborn.


15 thoughts on “Ojijiayomi

  1. Samuel Okopi

    Beautiful. Starts like an academic exercise then warms into the reason for the academic exercise—and the worth of it.

    *How can I reach you? I want to discuss something, privately.*

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