Set My Poems On Fire

I'll gather all the poems I've written
and set them ablaze
let them combust 
let them smoke up into the heavens
and let them deplete the ozone-layer
let them warm the earth
let them do whatever they might
just don't mention them to me
I do not want them to mock me
Let them brighten another's day
let them right a writer's block
just don't use my work to judge me
Art is bipolar
sometimes it's radiant, sometimes it's not
Set my words on fire
they will burn
they will burn forever

♠ Tomi.O


11 thoughts on “Set My Poems On Fire

  1. Just ran into this poem again, and it’s too apt.mWhether it’s poetry or prose, I like to write them and let it out and never look back. I don’t know if it’s fear of my own thoughts or just something else, but it’s just easier for others to feel it. Writing and letting it out is therapeutic enough.

    1. Yes, therapeutic indeed. It is like a two-edged sword sometimes; cathartic and yet self-exposing. Glad you ran into it again, Bami. Write on, let it out, don’t look back!

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