Blogpost #100

100-flickr-brianjmatis_460x360I’d like to say a morbidly obese Thank You to everyone that has read any, some, or all of my one-hundred blogpost; thank you!. I’m somewhat astounded that I’ve been able to cough up a hundred post; most of them being poems. Maybe it is time to work on that book of poems eh? Thank you for all the likes and comments. To my partners-in-wordpress, thanks for the endless show of love and inspiration. A hamper full of gratitudes to the occasional insomnia as well. This was going to be a very glistening post but err… While you revel in my writing of a hundred blogposts, satiate your ‘poetry hunger’ with a poem I wrote two years ago:

If you lose your way on any journey
When no one seems to care
When a joke seems no longer funny
I promise to always be here

When your dreams seem too hard
When you have no one to tell
The things that truly make you sad
I promise to stand with you through hell

Time, and time again
Days and nights, sun and rain
In words, in thoughts, in ink, in prayer
I’ll remember you forever

Although death has won this battle
I’m sure you’re in a better place
I long for that beautiful day
When I’ll see you once again, face to face

♠ Tomi.O





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