All Of Them Are Witches


Yinka has 99 problems and all of them are witches. His mother is certain that the people ‘doing’ him from the village are responsible for his insomnia. She is convinced his spirit has been going for nightly meetings at the village shrine. Naturally, she has two bottles of holy water and a box of GOYA olive oil, aka anointing oil; So she adds two bottle caps of holy water into his bathing water daily, and fries his plantain with anointing Oil. Yinka keeps wondering why the spirits press him at night, so he sleeps with his Bible. One time, his Bible fell to the ground; he said 12 Hail Marys, recited psalms 23 23 times and prayed the Lord’s Prayer in the KJV, NIV, and NLT translations. Turns out that Yinka was experiencing sleep paralysis. And the vitality of the words in the good book was what really mattered. Not that demons and evil people didn’t exist but that maybe sometimes, he overthought it, maybe he ignored root causes, maybe the answers to his questions were buried in his heart and in the lines of the good book. Yinka eventually learnt that a Bible under a pillow was not necessarily enough. 

♠ Tomi.O


8 thoughts on “All Of Them Are Witches

  1. Nice one Tomi. Sometimes I have a headache because of too many late nights and early morning coffee. Proper rest would be the antidote. But I can keep adding Goya olive oil to my bathing water 🙂

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