Bread & Ketchup



I’m hardly ever broke. Not because I have superfluous mint in the good ole bank account, no, I don’t. I’m somehow good with money and yet quite awful with it. It’s a good balance really. But this week, this day, this period, for reasons beyond my budget and I, I was without two pennies to rub together.

For lack of complete recollection of to be said event, I woke up by 2:00am on a cold winter’s night sometime last year. My institutional piggy bank read a figure close to the early 10’s in dollars. Hungry as hell, nothing to munch on, and trying to manage money, I did the probably abominable.

Laying on the floor of my room, for reasons I’ll never know for untidiness’ sake, was a tube, yes, a tube of ketchup, and a loaf of sliced bread. Legend every student I knew called this bread ‘baton’ (pronounced Bar-ton). Not sure if it was the brand name or it was called baton for its uncanny similarity in texture to a baton. No, it wasn’t baguette; I said sliced bread. Anyhoo, I squeezed the tube of ketchup unto bread and had myself a good broke and trying to save money breakfast.

There you have it folks, I ate bread & ketchup and it wasn’t the best. Needless to say, I won’t be doing that again. A few years prior to said incident, I baked meat pie with ketchup as minced meat substitute, for the fun of it though. What can I say? I love ketchup.

♠ Tomi.O, 2014.


11 thoughts on “Bread & Ketchup

  1. Ha ha, been there too. I used to leave change in the pockets of my clothes deliberately, for a rainy day. When that day came, I rummaged through my pockets and usually found enough change to tide me over until my SOS call.

    It could have been worse, you could have eaten baton without anything to “moisturize” it 🙂

    1. ‘Anything to moisturize it’- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      I think I have been down the lane of crackers and honey for breakfast and as a person who only eats honey because of its many health benefits over sugar- I wasnt feeling my best that morning!

  2. Well now, you can work with that. Spread ketchup on bread, sprinkle a bit of oregano and basil, top with some mystery meat slices from the fridge and a slice of cheese, put it under the broiler to melt the cheese and you end with something that, while not exactly gourmet, is a quite palatable meal. 😉 I confess, I did this a couple of weeks ago, just for the nostalgia of it.

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