The Friendship Project: Ayo

Saw him a while ago
He lifted me
On the street
He lifted me

Nothing holds him down
No, not for long
Nothing keeps him bound
Nothing big, nothing strong

Ayo’s quite nonchalant
About right and wrong
A child in a man
That’s Ayo for you

A generous soul
A happy heart
Sometimes an idiot!
That’s Ayo for you

Told him to stop drinking
He laughed it off
A pot belly later
Well, he laughs it off

He’d give his last penny
And share his last pound
Lend you his widow’s mite
That you might have ‘might’

Free soul
He forgives
Quite the womanizer
That’s Ayo for you

Never hides his flaws
Shares his strengths
That’s Ayo
Ayo, my friend.

Tomi Olugbemi


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