The Friendship Project: Dara’s Poems

I’m going to be sharing poems I’ve written about some of my friends. Hopefully they don’t see it, they probably won’t.

Her words were scattered
They were honest
Her words were broken
Just like her heart seemed

She smiled often
And frowned too
A keen scientist
A poet too

She showed me her poetry
They ripped my heart
She hid it from others
She hid her heart

Her beauty was written
Her flaws too
Inked in writing
And thoughts too

She often pondered
Of what was
What would
And what might

Some thought she was headstrong
An ‘Iron Lady’ perhaps
She was just a girl
With a troubled soul perhaps

I knew she was kind
Others knew too
Her poetry gave her away
Her eyes too

Dara’s poems were honest
Her poems were broken,
Troubled and beautiful
Her poems were ‘her’


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