Verse One


My ashes are grey
My eyes too
To God I pray
I try to
Lost in my thoughts,
I’m idle
I’m a workshop and what I worship
Is my idol
Damn! Wish I had no struggles
But I do
I get high on melancholy
Silence is my medicine
If a medic sins and a cleric sins
Who’s worse of?
My words are invisible to the visible
Sometimes, invincible
By principle,
I’m a lyrical person
I hated secondary school
Didn’t really like my principal
God bless her though
Chase that cash, get that dough
That’s what the world asks of me
But when I die and they ask of me
I want y’all to show them the worst of me
Hopefully it’ll be the same as the best of me
Tomi Olugbemi
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