Five Fingers Of Death II

I wish my mind would relent on it’s horrid travels. ‘Stay with me man, stay with me’- I mutter as I struggle to garner focus on the ‘bigger picture’. I think I’ll always be foolish. Not for the the lack of knowledge, I have adequate knowledge, I swear by education that I do. Besides, I watch lots of TV, I’m a wikidepedia junkie, I google everything, I’m fascinated with Nigerian history, I read but hardly ever finish any book, I’m a ‘Word of God’ enthusiast and oh yeah, I unsuccessfully studied medicine. So, I have knowledge. My ever-lasting folly however, comes with the the inevitability that I’ll never be able to apply all the knowledge I’ve acquired. Confucius, Albert Einstein, Mona Lisa or Daddy showkey(I’m not sure) said “foolishness is thinking you know all or know enough” not sure of the quote either…Well… I guess I’m foolish in three ways: my estimation of foolishness, some dead or alive legend’s opinion of man’s apparent stupidity, or the fact that I can’t be bothered enough to research the quote. Well, it is well.

I strongly believe that I’ll someday write a book, a novel. A good, maybe amazing and slightly controversial novel that my father wouldn’t love. He’ll like it very much because he loves me very much. He won’t love it, that’s for sure, or is it?

In the past six months, I’ve been sorting out my life (looking for universities that’ll take me, fighting depression, writing and not writing and oddly, getting fat). Life all sorted now, still a little weighty though, nothing wrong with that. Truth is I’ve gained nothing, except a few kilograms. Or maybe I have gained somethings, they’re yet to be seen. I’ve learnt some lessons though, maybe that counts.I drive better sha. Honestly speaking, I let some of my weaknesses take over, Mr Tomi is back on track now: I hope , I really hope.

It dawned on me that up until now, I haven’t been in Nigeria for more than three months at a go since January 2009. Well, thazall.

The point of this post is to tell to y’all, my people, humans and aliens alike that this frustrated kid is about to be a student again. I consider myself an academic nomad: five nursery/primary schools, one secondary school, one A-levels college, one medical uni and now another uni. Sigh! It is well. I’m tired of school, Tired! But we gotta get that certificate unless no food on the table, no ring on no finger, no happiness. So, I’m about to leave Nigeria again. New Journey, the most important one yet, with a real sense of purpose and ambition. Hopefully my last stint with formal education, I don tire! Popsi has tried. The amount of tuition fees he has paid based on say him pikin dey school. Chai! God bless him. Wish me luck fellas and females and aliens too. Remember, you don’t need a new year to make changes, everyday is a new one. Happy new year still, or happy new day, whatever works.

Tomi Olugbemi


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