As I Fall To Ashes


Oops, I did it again
I cut corners, I built bridges
I closed corners, did bad things
In closed corners
Said my prayers with closed corneas

I offered my peace of mind
For the piece of life
That comes with a bit of pride

I cried blood, I bled ashes
I screamed ‘God!’ Then skipped classes
I tried trying
I died trying

Pain is for the brave?
Ease is for cowards?
Nah, pain is for the sane
Peace is for mad men!

To be happy is to understand grief
Else what is happiness?
Without life, without air
There’s no death

To be born is to start dying
So gamble on this gamble that life is
Take a risk, he that falls rises
Except he dies

When I die, I want a burial
I want a wake, so please keep
All my memories out of my coffin
I don’t need them where I’m going
Tomi Olugbemi


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