Hug a ‘friend’, tell her goodbye,
Let the warmth of her ear caress your sideburns
Hold her hand, then let her go
Ogle at her pictures before you shut your miserable eyes,
Hate that you miss her
Miss that you loved her
Say goodbye
Call her ‘friend’
Never tell
That you love her
Let her pulchritude fade into the abstractness of memory
Into the abyss of nostalgia
Till she’s really gone,
Tomi Olugbemi


13 thoughts on “Forgotten…

  1. halo!!!
    I’m back 😀
    So, lemmie ask, is this real, did this happen to you?
    Don’t worry, just whisper it and I won’t tell anybody ok?
    About the aud lange it wasn’t a collabo in glee, she sang it at the ending of the New Year’s Eve movie as an entirely different person/character.
    Would love to send it to you when I find it since I formatted my system some weeks ago.
    How are u?

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