That kind Of Man


To she that I’ll love
I hope you see that I love
You, and it’s not the sea that I love
But it’s the way it adores you
When it moves and it swirls
I can see it allures you
That’s why our honeymoon
Would be by the shore
Just to prove that I love you

I get sea sick, but if that’s what you want
Then we’ll pack our bags and fly where you want
Ibiza, Seychelles, is that where you want?
If that’s where you want, then why can we not?
But if we can’t afford it, fly we shall not
But I’ll do what I can, to be that kind of man
That’ll provide all that I can
Money, love and all that I can
And I’ll love you the most
Beyond words, beyond materials

I don’t know you yet
But I’ll love you the most
With all that I can
With all that I am
I’ll be that kind of man
I hope!
Tomi Olugbemi


13 thoughts on “That kind Of Man

  1. Tomi!!!!!
    Believe me when I say you are good. Yes Tomi, you are and I’m so going to feature you on my blog because your talent amazes me and your writings are beautiful. You write like it’s natural, like its just flowing from within. I used to write poetry too at a time but I stopped. I don’t know if your blog reflects you but i do hope it does. That sense of calmness, of beauty,(am not whining you or trying to make you feel more than you are) but you deserve some sort of award. I will definitely feature you on my blog and all I need is a fav.
    acknowledge me or write me something. 😉
    And no bye.. 😀 will stay tuned for more of your write ups.
    God bless you.

    1. Oh wow, I’m sincerely flattered. A bucket full of ‘thank you’s”. You should resume writing poetry, it never leaves you, I’m sure you were/are awesome at it. Thank you very much! God bless you too

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