Stand by me

I’ve been going through some poems I wrote a while back. If I’m being honest, I think I was a better ‘poet’, I think I was less methodical and more ‘prosy’. Maybe it’s just nostalgia talking. Read, weep and enjoy.. Oh, btw this was inspired by the song “stand by me” by Ben E King. More old poems to come.

Sigh, life is much better if you stand by me
I told my bestie I’m afraid, she said stand by me
I said I’d be gone for a while, she said its fine by me
She said be strong, fight for us, fight for me

The door bell rings, and all I hear is voices
My mum’s crying: never seen her so distraught
Dad says uncle john’s dead, gives me a hug
Says son, don’t go nowhere, you’d be fine if you stand by me

A drop falls from my eyes as he stands by me
My nose is running but its fine by me
My life in a flash just passed by me
Life is hell if I’ve got no one to stand by me

I’m on the plane, I wave goodbye
Death stares at me but I shrug her off
Turbulence, wind, storm, it’s fine by me
Screams, fire, blood, Still listening to Ben E king’s Stand by me



12 thoughts on “Stand by me

  1. Tomi!! what did i tell you about taking poetry seriously…
    I’m serious ooo.
    Nice one. Like an arrow reaching to hit its target. It wasn’t beating around the bush or flying around.
    It was on point.

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