Madam Koin-Koin’s Husband


I heard the “click-clack” from the sole of his shoes. It sounded like I imagined madam Koin-Koin’s would. His Odour was revolting, he stunk! He had the “Nigerian Body Odour”. I could see his eyes through the window, red and hellish. As I creeped into the warming comfort that was my duvet, the click-clack of his shoes grew in intensity. The wind forced its way through the tiny spaces of my room’s window as the clouds cried upon the earth. I looked at the pot of beans on my stove as it bounced in inches and millimeters while the fire slowly enveloped it. Too afraid to get up, too afraid to stay awake, too afraid to sleep. “Madam Koin-koin has a husband” according to Wole’s stories. “The soles of his shoes made a “click-clack” sound”. With every “click” and every “clack” my heart beat faster, I was going to die: I was certain of this. He knocked on my door, once, twice, then thrice. I heard the crackling sound of keys and my heart went into my esophagus. He opened the door, turned the lights on and said “what’s up”. It was Wole. “Mchewww, guy abeg go baff: you dey smell” I said. My mattress was soaked in urine, the urine of fright. Photo credit:


8 thoughts on “Madam Koin-Koin’s Husband

  1. Lol! So Wole made you wet your bed? Too bad. *smh*

    I have heard of Madam Koin-Koin, and actually wrote a story based on the myth. But I never knew she had a husband o. Did he have a name?

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