In 1981,

In 1981, I slept and I woke up. I brushed my teeth with toothpaste and rinsed my mouth with warm water. I had a cold shower. I drove my beat-up Benz hoping to get to work before the ‘Big day’ commenced. In 1981, November the 12th, I expected a promotion: I didn’t get it. I had dressed up in my favorite white shirt, the only ‘T.M Lewin’ I had. It was my lucky shirt: I met Doris wearing that shirt and I got my first promotion in that shirt. It really was my lucky shirt.
In 1981, I slept and I woke up, Somebody died, Fela sang a song and Doris made pancakes. I had pancakes and cold milk for breakfast. I kissed Doris goodbye and drove my beat-up Benz to work. Again, I wore my lucky shirt, brushing off the previous day’s disappointment. All was well till my boss’ secretary spilled coffee on my TM. I was livid, I almost slapped her then I went home. This was November the 13th 1981, Friday.
In 1981, I slept and I woke up. I shaved and cut my face. I stopped the bleeding, I was fine: nothing too serious. I didn’t have breakfast, I didn’t kiss Doris goodbye. I didn’t wear my lucky shirt, I didn’t drive my beat-up Benz. I didn’t go to work, it was a Saturday, November the 14th. I stayed at home, had lunch and took Dorris out for dinner. We had Jollof rice and called it a day, we went home.
In 1981, I woke up and my heart stopped beating, it stopped for two seconds. It stopped when Dorris blurted out the words “I’m pregnant”. Sunday, the 14th 1981, I knew I’d be a father. My wife, Dorris would be a mother. I regretted not getting that promotion.
In 1981, I woke up and I went to work. I wore a new shirt, a brand-less one. I drove to work, in my beat-up Benz. My Boss called me, I got the promotion. Monday, the 15th November 1981: I got the promotion, I bought a new shirt, a new ‘T.M’. I felt lucky again, in 1981.


7 thoughts on “In 1981,

  1. Ofure

    Its crazy how poetry gives you an opportunity to feel so much emotions(anxiety,disappointment,anger,pain,sad-joy and happiness) in less than 5mins. One of my fav piece in 2013. Thanks 4 sharing 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I love the pace of your sentences – short and edgy. It matches the pace of the narration. You’ve burst the bubble for luck shirt wearers though. Good story all the same. Well done.

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