The three names(mines and my brothers) are spelt out vertically in each stanza I.e the first letter of my name is the first letter on the first line of the poem and so on. The picture is one of my family.. I’m not sure what exactly I did to it. In my bizzare mind it’s artistic and portrays the word ‘legacy’. Oh well…
To live is to make decisions
Of little and great concern
Making the most of life’s resources
In fueling the needs of man
Laying off your own resolve
And accepting that change is real
Deciding to love and laugh
Excluding how you feel

Destiny remains a mystery
And darkness can yet be light
Muffins might turn to misery
Interesting that sugar may plight
Learning is good for living
Often it saves a life
Laughing is good for living
And good for getting a wife

Timing, they say is currency
Opposing this might be dumb
Forgetting that time is money
Allows failure to be born
Remember the ones who’ve got you
And love the ones that don’t
Time would heal some troubles
Invest in what you want
Tomi Olugbemi


12 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. I guess the poem would mean more to your family, who can read what’s between the lines, but it was still beautiful to read.

    Btw, love your new blog look. And lovely family portrait.

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