I’m not so sure this qualifies as a poem. Oh well…..

Busty barbies on the internet
Will put us in trouble
Randy Internet pop-ups
Would make a saint unstable

Whips, cream and push-up bras
Provocative videos on YouTube
Plastic looking movie stars
In short skirts and boob-tubes

It used to be wrong to say the B-word
Now, ‘bad’ at the back makes it ‘better’
But then again, nigger used to mean black slave
Now it casually means person

The world is full of sin and lust
Full of life and religion
Full of death and desire
Of grace and perdition

Only the grace of God keeps
You’re never going to be perfect
‘I’m only human’ though,
Is never an excuse to be stupid

Yes, you only live once
But you die once too
Find love and find grace
Find purpose in all you do.
Tomi Olugbemi


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