Mother! That Red Dress


Mother, that red dress

That red dress is too short

Mother, the room we sleep in

The room is way too smoky

Mother, that dress, that tight red dress

That dress would bring strange men home

Mother, strange men are what they are:

Strange men!

Mother, Tobacco might kill you soon

Or kill me too

Mother, that dress, that little red dress

Burn it, burn it!

Mother, you can’t breathe in that dress

Oh mother, please watch my infant head

If I could walk, I’d cater to you

But for now, please cater to me

Mother this bottled milk smells funny

It smells like your breath after downing that bottle

That bottle that says “beer”

That bottle that says “spirit”


Oh mother! Please come back home

Or at least wear something else

Not that little tight dress!
Tomi Olugbemi






9 thoughts on “Mother! That Red Dress

      1. You are welcome. In this generation of ours, the number of single mums is sky rocketing and sadly such situations will only keep getting out of hand.

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