Winter In Simferopol


Two months ago, I quit Med school after three years. I know, “i quit med school” is not something you say and move on without any explanation. We’d get to that but in another post. Thing is, I’ve been trying to do a piece on that: it’s such a complicated drag but eventually I’d get there. I’m elated and relieved not to be a ‘future medical doctor’ anymore but i do miss Ukraine, maybe not so much Ukraine but the people in Simferopol where my school was. I had a truly amazing time although i despised the academic side of things. So many beautiful and amazing people, not just friends but acquaintances too. It’s not quite winter in Simferopol yet but i couldn’t help but post this somewhat funny and hopefully heartfelt dedication to a city and it’s beautiful people.

It’s winter again there in Simferopol
I wrote inside my journal
There’s no Garri in Crimea
I held that to heart

The buildings are quite archaic
And the cars are bored antiques
Besides, I hate the bread and cake
The cold is not for me

It’s winter again in Simferopol
I can’t say I miss it much
I can’t say I don’t, I miss my friends
I hope we keep in touch

It’s winter again, there in Simferopol
It’s as cold as hell
Yes, hell.
It’s too damn cold

I feel free to live my dreams
I used to dream I’d be free
The thing I really miss the most
Is smiling at and with people

If I were still there in Simferopol
My jacket would probably be light
You’d say it’s cold and I’m silly
You’d probably be right

It’s freezing, there in Simferopol
Simferopol is cold again
I’d write a more touching poem
But only God knows my pain.
                                              Томи  олугбеми.



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