Complex Characters 1

Starting a new series called Complex Characters

Subject: Adeolu Poindexter

Situation: Dying Of Cancer; Religious Dilema; Relationship Dilema; Suicidal

Lord, forgive me before I sleep
So I'll make heaven if I don't wake 
And if I sin while I sleep
I hope you know it's just a dream

If the trumpet sounds while my heart still beats
Let me get caught up like the other saints
Eternity is way too long in years
And the mark of the beast is not for saints

I want someone to love and not lust after
Love first and maybe lust after
I want to find her first so if she gets lost after
I'd have known love then I'll thank you after

As I edge closer to the edge
I hope it's paradise
I ain't ready to die yet
Living in this broken paradise

I haven't been going to church lately
And when I go, I'm usually late
I keep waiting to go with my lady
But she's usually late

I'm scared cuz she hasn't had her period 
There's no stress, no PM syndrome
Aren't swollen legs a symptom?
Would I be here? When would the kid come?

She's a good girl but I don't love her
I fell in love with a face and not a lover
We're going to have a girl but she don't want her
She'll rather pull the plugs but I don't want to

I hope this is not my last suicide note
If it is then I'll never see you
I hope this won't be 'the last thing I ever wrote'
I want to rock my daughter before I say 'bye baby'

Either ways I'll be gone soon
I'm here but I'll be off soon
                             Adeolu Poindexter 

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