Dele (Part 1) – Short story series.

A short story I wrote for It’s an awesome blog with amazing stories. Check out Her blog rules!



4:00 am, Monday morning. There’s a tingling sensation in his member. It feels like a mixture of hot oil and burning acid. He hurriedly throws away his duvet and takes long strides to the bathroom. Alas! Freedom: urinary liberation. With one hand on his member and the other on his face as he vigorously scratches his eyes. One look into the W.C and he sees red. His urine is red. He panics! The medical student in him thinks gonorrhea or syphilis or some gonad infecting STD. At this moment, he regrets not paying more attention at microbiology lectures. “Impossible” he says. He had never being in a relationship not to talk of having intercourse. Still with a hand on his member, he thinks: “habi hare they doing me from my fillage ni”. He remembers God, washes his hands and goes into a serious session of morning devotion, his first in…

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