Keep Calm And Cry Out Loud


Be strong
Be a Man, Man!
Be a strong Man!
Be a Man’s Man
Cry yourself to bed at night
Smile: exhibit your dental integrity
Grin from east to west
Let the edges of your lips flirt with your ears
Say you’ll be fine: better still: say you are fine
Don’t cry in public. Don’t share your disdain
Pretend, act, reenact, assure and reassure
Hold back those tears
Let them flow in your heart
Vent on a piece of paper
Abuse its intelligence; defile its dignity
Inscribe your fists into the walls
Scream silently: scream alone
Smile, wave, laugh, and say you’re all right
Business as usual: stay in a friend’s room
Else the loneliness kills you
Else the pain elopes the solitude and magnifies the burden
Try not to think albeit all you do is think
Be a man, Man!
Don’t be vulnerable: don’t be obvious
Don’t be mushy on everyone’s shoulder
Don’t demand pity and try not to exude it
Don’t cry, don’t cry, and don’t cry
Dear mind, I know you know
But you’re tired: you’re too tired
The solitude is killing you
Cry man, Cry!
Screw being a man, Man!
You’re a ticking bomb: 4,3,2…….
Keep calm and cry out loud!
Tomi Olugbemi


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