Noodles, Not Indomie!

The only thing that’s the same everywhere is Nigerian party Jollof rice: every other thing is different. Ever noticed that you prepare noodles differently from your friends? Ever noticed that your fried egg tastes different as well?  I’d continue with the food analogies but this is as far as I can go with the foods I actually have the patience to prepare except you want me to start comparing people’s boiled water too *please don’t judge me (Chris Brown’s voice)*…*wipes tears away*

Ever noticed that the average Nigerian calls all kinds of noodles by the Brand name Indomie? Ever noticed that Close-up and Macleans are the accepted names for all toothpaste brands? I grew up thinking De Rica was a unit of measurement as per one De Rica of rice and so on. It wasn’t until a few years back that it clicked: it is the brand name of the popular can of tomato paste which ‘coincidentally’ is what raw rice is measured with before being sold. Being a jollof rice enthusiast, it’s sad I didn’t realize that earlier. Ever noticed that some of your friends, relatives and perhaps you refer to England as London?

 My point is this: in their entirety, no two entities especially people are the same. We may share personality traits and other things but we’re never the same. Everyone can’t be as intelligible, naïve, smart, shy, lousy, shielded, etc. as you are but we can learn to understand ourselves. Stop putting people into groups. My brothers and I are similar yet very different. God bless my Folks for never comparing us. Each Individual is different; I keep saying this. Not all boys are pigs, not all girls are sluts, and not all rich people are frauds. Let’s not start with the cultural and religious stereotypes: it’s a history lesson.

Don’t call mimi noodles indomie; it’s not fair. Singing *Honeywell, noodles, bam bam lala, bam bam lala* please respect Honeywell noodles too. Be fair to other Margarine brands, I know Blue band is running a monopoly but still…. In other words, Peter is not Paul and James is not John. Everyone’s unique: as cliché is it sounds, it’s the pure truth. Thazall…

                                                                               Tomi Olugbemi



25 thoughts on “Noodles, Not Indomie!

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    this post was so cool and nice and very true.
    made me smile
    so you like jollof rice too? too
    and i like your blog tomi, including this post
    will be back often…
    ok bye 🙂

  2. That is the power of brands & branding, not only in Nigeria but everywhere else. A good analogy that helps us appreciate each other’s individuality… one derica, two derica, lol! 🙂

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