The Good, The Bad And The Evil War


Blood, that they bled
Flood, then they fled
Mud, with rice they fed
Oh God, now they’re dead

To the sun, then they prayed
To be born, and born again
To burn, for death was gain
To die, just to live again

To fight, to be free
To be slaves, for a cause
To live and let Biafra be

To save a people, a country that was

To wave a flag, half of the sun
Soldier, father, brother, son
To tell stories of freedom
To the sons of their unborn sons

To drink fresh palm wine
And swear in Ojukwu’s name
To tell stories so fine
And smile at a Hero’s grave

To remember a man’s grit
To find peace in a civil war
To honour a man with
Finding good in an evil war

This does not in anyway come close to being a worthy enough tribute to all the people that died in the Nigerian civil war (Biafra War). Nevertheless, to the Igbo men and women who fought for their basic human rights and to exist independently as a Nation, to that malnourished woman who breastfed her equally malnourished child with whatever energy she had left. To the kwashiorkor ridden children who lived on even when death seemed more hopeful. To the teenage and pre-teen boys; who were trained and prepared for war when the Biafran army diminished tremendously in strength and number. To the brave Biafran Soldiers who became slaves to war so others would be free. To the late lieutenant colonel Ojukwu: for being a brave and determined leader. To the Nigerian soldiers who despite fighting for an unjust cause gave their life for what they thought right. To every widowed, orphaned, starved, and depraved both Biafran and ‘Nigerian’. May your souls always rest in peace. The Nigerian civil war in my book remains one of the most unnecessary occurrences. It should be taught more adequately in schools. It’s nasty, just nasty but it’s part of Nigerian history…

                                                                                                          Tomi Olugbemi.






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