The Father’s Day Catastrophe

“You’re such a complicated fool, you this good for nothing imbecile of an old man. You’re a poor excuse for a father and a disgrace to the noun Husband’’ this wasn’t Bola first time ranting at her father and it wasn’t going to be the last either. He stood there by the rocky seat in the darkest corner of the room as he smoked his blunt: inhaling every last fragment of burned cannabis. He smiled curiously as she delivered thick saliva into the atmosphere while she ranted continuously and rather furiously. She stood a good ten meters from him just to be safe. “Calm down you spoilt child, you’re just like your mother, all screams and no substance, beauty and half-brained; you stupid brat. No wonder I divorced her, no wonder Dele left your sorry ass too. Both of you are an embarrassment to women” … he flicks his lighter as he set fire to another rolled up blunt. “Weed for my greed, coke when I’m broke, hemp for my temp, smoking tobacco from Paris to Monaco” he laughs as he goes into one of his many alcohol and weed motivated spoken word poetry about the beauty of smoking. She hurries into his bedroom and pursues the three naked women lying on her father’s bed. She flogs them with a belt screaming, “ You cheap whores, get out! Get out! Get out!”

“ Bola se o ya were ni? (Are you mad in Yoruba) what rubbish? “ He locks the door and throws the keys out the window before they could run for their lives. Staring angrily at the women, “ are we finished? Did I not pay you in full? Go back to my bedroom. As they turned, an angry Bola was breathing heavily with a bread knife in her hand. “I’ll kill the three of you if you go back to that bedroom”. “Hahaha Bola, you are funny oo. When did this one start, common girls, let’s go back and finish what we started, my break time is over”. Lucile, one of the women, who was much more afraid of Femi (Bola’s Father) than she was bola shoved bola off and was sliced in the process. Blood sprang out from her carotid like a greedy fountain. Yemisi, the youngest of the three prostitutes fainted, while Adanna the third girl went into an unsettling panic and screamed in fear and anxiety. Femi put a piece of napkin on her neck, applying pressure to stop her from bleeding to death. Bola seemed to be in some sort of shock as she stood there in the corner with a frozen demeanor. “Bola! Call an ambulance you stupid girl”. An hour later the ambulance arrives only to be refused quick access into the house by the locked door with it’s key thrown away…. to be continued

                                                                                                           Tomi Olugbemi




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