Till Our Lights Go Out


They say live, love and laugh
You really never know
Live, love and you’ll be happy
When your light goes out

We are all lights on a candlestick
Some of us burn brighter, and bigger
Some dance with the cruelty of the wind
We burn but wax melts eventually

Life is for the living
Life is for the burning light
Life is a candlestick
And it melts or breaks someday

Today, I shed a tear and more
For a man I never met
I only saw him on screen
One of the best actors I never met

We are all connected,
Man, woman, fantasy, fiction
Blood, bond, love and hate
At least till our lights go out

                                                             Tomi Olugbemi

In the Gorgeous Memory of an incredible Actor… RIP James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano. Dedicated also to all recently melted candlesticks….The Sopranos remains one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen.


4 thoughts on “Till Our Lights Go Out

  1. To say I was stunned when I heard the news would be to lie. I was devastated.

    I’m a fan of the man, seen almost all the movies he’s been in. Didn’t expect his light to go out so soon.

    Nice tribute. Nice.

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