The Girl Who Never Crossed


Here’s the third poem in my “The Girl” Series. Check on previous pieces here and here.
He grips her tightly
She had never crossed before
A bus passes by, she had never seen one before

Movements and noises were unfamiliar
A 12 year-old who had never left her home
Kids her age working to feed their homes
Their feet sore and muddy, their clothes; torn
Hawking food, shoes and deodorants
They run, play and fight
Kicking dirt, throwing stones
She looks her dad in his eyes wondering about her life
Why he hid such beauty from her
It rained that day: heavily while they awaited their bus
A destitute woman drinking from a pothole
The bus arrives eventually; it’s time to go he says
A crippled blind man needed to cross the road
She wants to help but she had never crossed before

                                                                                         Tomi Olugbemi



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