Thursdays Are For Music II

As indicated last week, i’ll be posting great music on here every thursday.
Nothing spells music better than a guitar, an amazing voice and beautiful lyrics. For this reason, i present to you the musical/lyrical genuis called Passenger:

Don’t you cry for the lost, smile for the living, get what you need and give what you’re given……………………… check on this:

This tell a great story: watch it:

And finally this week’s classic:

Have fun listening……..


3 thoughts on “Thursdays Are For Music II

  1. yay!!!…. was waiting for “let her go” to make the list!!..
    love love this song!!
    read all about it should tew..
    I should prolly make a secret list and see how many get picked…. Don’t worry, I’d tell you when one makes the list..

    1. I know right? Passenger is awesome.. I love Emeli Sandé..One of her songs is bound to show up here eventually. Haha please do make a list..that’ll be super cool…btw you have great taste for music..

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