Crushing My Crushes

I see the tear by your eye; it’s corner
I see tears fill up your cornea

Your eyes tell a thousand stories
Of love that never was
Your tears are a thousand stories
Of dreams that never were

The twinkle in your smile
The laugh when you’re tickled
The words that you speak
The freckles on your face

You’re beautiful without make-up
You make me blush without blush
You’re every inch imperfect
But you’re my imperfect

I’ll run out of words
And die writing clichés
The smell of roses and daffodils
Perfume, love and ripe peaches

I’ll be there when you wake
I’ll be there in your sleep
I’ll be there in your dreams
When I dream of you tonight

A guitar and a love song
A love letter I’ll never write
An escape from my reserve
As I scribble through the night

But hold your horses
Tomorrow you’d be one more crush
Cause I crush my crushes
Tomorrow you’d be just another crush

                                                             Tomi Olugbemi


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