Dead Hearts


I wrote this poem a while ago getting my inspiration from a song (dead hearts by stars). It’s a not so cryptic mixture of some rather sad times in my life and the life of other people: mostly mine really. As for the Bonnie and Clyde reference: when you see people after many years and they’ve changed beyond your expectation. Perhaps the change happened in and with you.

The mirror reflects

Him, you and I

Playing in the sand

A tear falls from your eye


Years pass, now we’re in our teens

We meet again: you looking frail

I should have asked what happened

You fall asleep; Dad tells me HIV


I open up my report card

Sorry, you’ve been held back

My friends are now beyond me

Like friends I once knew


Time doesn’t heal wounds

Neither does regret

I often yearn for the days of old

Still, bygones be bygones


I don’t believe in Ghosts

I’d rather rest in peace

Than wander around the earth

Memories are real enough for me


I sometimes envy the grave

Doesn’t make me suicidal

This world and all its burdens

Like success I once knew


Every man is a window

Things come in and out

Everyone is a Widow

We all lose something we love


I see them on the TV

Bonnie Elizabeth and Clyde Barrow

Robbing banks, getting jailed

I weep; they were kids I once knew

                                        Tomi Olugbemi


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