No One Ever Did Anything For You? Boo You!


Okay, where to begin? Today you went to your near by Shoprite, Tesco, Walmart or фушет for my Ukrainian brethren and saw a sign indicating that you shouldn’t follow a particular path so as not to slip, fall, break something or probably die. Someone put the “wet floor” sign-stand in place mostly because it was his Job but partly for the sake of your wellbeing. Our lives are so intertwined; it’s ridiculous. There’s no doing “solo”. No matter how selfish or isolated you are, something someone does/has done makes your life a whole lot easier. Nigeria, just imagine if NEPA PHCN went on strike. I wonder the caliber of insults we would bestow upon them. Someone discovered ink so that someone could create books so someone could propagate Education so that someone could study on how to build computers and write programs so someone could invent the Internet so someone could create an online platform so someone like me could write so that you can read this article or whatever this is. Without bill gates, there probably won’t be Zuckerberg: Facebook. Without Luther King and Lincoln, Obama’s father might never have come to America. The next time someone says “No one ever did anything for me” throw 4 eggs at him/her. Why four? I don’t know. Seriously though, I might not be the most friendly of persons but I know that no matter how little and seemingly insignificant, someone somewhere is doing something at this very moment that would make many other moments in my life a little less of a hassle. Appreciate people, you never know…………

                                                                          Tomi Olugbemi


5 thoughts on “No One Ever Did Anything For You? Boo You!

  1. This is just awesome. While I don’t believe in the “Butterfly Effect”, I believe that our actions affect not just our future, but also the future if those tied to us. Once again, Awesome Piece Bro…

  2. Olisa

    I have falling in love with your talent. Who are you? probably doesn’t matter. Wonderful piece, i’ll read it a second time and…

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