Sunday Services And Church Clichés


Lost in the silence of my being

Learning the Gospel

Fighting the war of my sin

Son of an Apostle

Sunday services and church clichés

Fearing God, worshipping preachers

Heaven in the book, hell on my mind

When you come, remember me oh Lord!

I’m quiet, lord I’m kind

I love you but mostly I fear you

Jesus died, I know.

What does that really mean

Was he God, Spirit, Son?

Or a divine human being

So I’m counting seconds

When would this church service end?

Is it God I service or I, or is it eye service



If it’s not long, it’s too short

It’s not really what I want

To do, I’d rather not

Plus hasn’t he heard already?

Would being repetitive swiftly

Bring answers, I guess not

And the Bible’s full of stories

I enjoyed as a kid, Adam and Moses

Cain, Goliath and David the kid

Let all my enemies be destroyed! Amen!

Then, Father, bless my enemies Amen!

Lost, confused without a plain vision

The state of Serving Religion

                                  Instead of Christ



The Manifest proof of God’s love

The very essence of my sanity

The precious Gem from up above

My only strength, our Ability



Some days are messy: others gloom

The Grace of Christ is always true

The things of life might fall to doom

But the love of God is forever new

                                                             Tomi Olugbemi 30/4/13

Jesus is the only way, no matter how “religious” and burdensome things tend to be. I’ve learnt that true Christianity is in the heart not necessarily what people can see. The pressure to be a Christian on the outside is much more intense when the mind lacks understanding of CHRIST. Until you really understand John 3:16 you’d remain confused. Pursue Christ not religion aka (a need to please God and people so you won’t go to hell). Finally, no matter how often you choose or are forced to go for church activities, always and I mean always know that knowing Christ is more Important. Jesus Loves You.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Services And Church Clichés

  1. Oludapo Tolulope | lifegiva2

    The Grace of Christ is always true
    But the love of God is forever new
    This is the GOSPEL. Great one here (y)

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