Religion, Culture Or Just Plain Ignorance.


Oh ye Nigerians

Why so overbearing

Keep calm for Pete sakes

Why so unyielding


You’ll flog a child who’s born a leftie

To make him use his right

So right from his childhood

You stole his freedom, his right


Yes, I can cross over your leg

Your child won’t be like me

Agbo Jedi-jedi doesn’t cure malaria

Prayer is not necessarily the key


But it’s not really your fault, is it not?

You’re none-the-wiser

Go ahead. Blame the British

Blame Coca-Cola; blame Pfizer


Our culture forbids it

Now means God forbids it

PDP: power!

Up Nepa: down power


Let’s embrace heritage

All well and good

But let’s not live in the ignorance

Upon which we once stood

                                      Tomi Olugbemi 28/04/13


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