One Final Goodbye


In the days of my darkest rain

Not able to fight the pain

Hoping to ease the hurt

Of a sorrow I did not want


In the nights of my silent tears

I slept in life’s contempt

I awoke to hear your passing

Into quietus, everlasting


Words and tears are all I have

Though in Christ’s bosom you lay

Yet I’ll do anything to have

With you one final day


Wish I came to yours that day

But not wanting to miss my class

Your house wasn’t running away

Was what I believed in my heart


Your pictures by the candlelight

Still hurt me in disbelief

Then came acceptance

The worst stage of grief


So, here it goes

One Final goodbye

Though death took your life

In our hearts you’ll never die

Rest In Peace Opadijo Oladipo Pelumi (July 25 1990-April 7 2013)

You are terribly and painfully missed…..


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