Love And Prison Walls

There’s obviously a sob story behind the images below. I’ve chosen not to dwell on the fact that there are large number of women in Argentenian prisons who are not only convicted while pregnant but also deliver their offspring in incarceration. I’m also not going to dwell on the painful truth that some of these kids go into custody and serve a part of their mother’s sentence with them(they are not forced to do so). The silver lining is that the mothers are only allowed to raise the children until the age of four. I choose to ignore the crime committed by these women and exalt their courage; courage in creating a home, joy and laughter for a child in an uncomfortable, sad and bound enviroment. The strength of Motherhood…the love of a mother…

Strange existence: Valeria Cigara, 28, left, who is currently in prison awaiting trial for robbery, plays with her four-year-old daughter Milagros in Magdalena, August 19, 2012

ComfortLocked up: Silvia Rodas, right, talks with her four-year-old daughter Anahi inside her cell at the Unidad (Unit) 33 prison in Los Hornos, near La Plata in October 17, 2007

Before: Valeria Cigara, pictured when she was pregnant with her first child Milagros in 2007, gave birth to and raised her daughter in the prison until she was two

Who sat and watched my infant head

and fed me both milk and bread

who loved me like no other

no one but my precious mother

                                               Tomi Olugbemi

Happy Belated International women’s day…


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