Isheri Road

She goes to bed in all her make up
She sleeps but Never wakes up
The smell of decay
There’s been a murder off isheri road
There’s a gathering of all the neighbours
friends, family and strangers
Silence and confusion
“she was a woman of the night” they gossiped
Men in black uniforms
Oh! It’s just the police
Well, we doubt if it’s going to get solved
The murder off isheri road
There’s a glass of poison beside her bed
A bullet hole right through her head
A letter by the window
Is it murder? Is it suicide?
They’ll bury her,
They’ll say she was nice, she was kind
They’ll say the world would miss her
Some would even cry, they’ll show it on the news
Maybe if they said all these things while she was alive 
There would have been no suicide off isheri road
                                                                                      Tomi Olugbemi; Nov 2012
Be kind with words. Show love to everyone: they might not be here tomorrow! How and what we say to people can make or break them. People write themselves off when discouragement is all that surrounds them: mental suicide

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